A Sunday in Charlotte | At a pleasant 71° in February

February 9th, 2015
Contributed by Dan Burdi
Resident Real Estate Agent and Community Enthusiast

For anyone here in Charlotte yesterday, you’re aware of how beautiful the weather was! Every time I run into someone outside of Charlotte or North Carolina in general, they inevitably ask “What’s it like in Charlotte?”; the great weather here is often something that comes up and this past Sunday was the epitome of it.

As beautiful and warm as it was yesterday here in Charlotte, I did a little digging and actually found that the maximum temperature record for Charlotte, NC in February was set in 2009 at 74°. The highest I had seen on the thermometer yesterday was 71° so I guess we have something to aspire to the rest of February.


One of the items on my “Have An Awesome Day Outside in Charlotte” task list, was to snag a great skyline picture. I’ve been eyeing up this one particular spot for a while and have always meant to find a way to stop on the bridge going over I-277 on Central Avenue towards Plaza Midwood. It isn’t the safest place to stop a car so a nearby parking ended up doing the trick. I was happy with the outcome and I’m sure someone with more photography skill than I could take it to the next level but I was happy none-the-less.


Since we were already traveling down Central Avenue we decided to head through Plaza Midwood to see what was happening. To be expected there were a ton of people out an about visiting the various consignment shops and enjoying Sunday brunch at Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe.

We had already eaten so were only looking for something small. For that we headed further down Central to Las Delicias, a Mexican bakery in Eastland. I had heard of this place a while ago but hadn’t yet been there. It turns out you could get quite a few delicious pastries pretty inexpensively. The favorite part of our trip to Las Delicias had to be the tamales for less than $2 each! If you love delicious baked goods and tamales, this place is worth the stop in.


On the way back down Central towards Uptown my girlfriend noticed Healthy Home Market’s new location in Plaza Midwood. I was a big fan of this place when it was located on South Blvd. in South End and since their move haven’t had as much of an opportunity to go so figured I needed to stop in to take a peek. If you haven’t been to the Healthy Home Market you should certainly find the time to visit. They have a tremendous variety of health and natural food, snacks and drinks.


After taking a browse around the market we continued on our journey back to Uptown where we stopped at Midtown Park on S. Kings Drive. This park links up with a few greenways and has a great open grass area to kick around a soccer ball or just sit to relax while overlooking the skyline with some coffee from the nearby Dunkin’ Donuts.


After Midtown Park we decided that with the sun still shining, one park wasn’t enough so headed over to Dilworth to visit one of Charlotte’s most popular park destinations, Freedom Park. Us and everyone else! When we arrived the park was packed with people. The parking lot and the annex lot were both FULL and they weren’t letting anyone else in. We headed to the opposite side of the park and ended up parking on a nearby neighborhood street. There were still a ton of cars parked along the street there as well.


There were kids, dogs and parents everywhere around the pond all equally enjoying the great weather. I took this quick time lapse video of everyone taking a stroll through the park.

Always nice to have one of these days pop up unexpectedly giving us a preview of spring. Until the next one, we’ll all continue to reminisce!