Start enjoying your Tuesdays | $2 Tuesdays at AMF Bowling, JJ's Red Hots and great beer at Ed's Tavern

January 26th, 2015
Contributed by Dan Burdi
Resident Real Estate Agent and Community Enthusiast

Another Tuesday is upon us and with Tuesdays as close as they are to those miserable Mondays it is often hard to enjoy them as much as a Friday, we get it! However, maybe if you had something fun to look forward to on Tuesdays you’d have a different perspective? We set out to do just that and found a few things that may redefine Tuesdays for you from now on here in Charlotte.

We started the night at JJ’s Red Hots on East Blvd. in Dilworth where on Tuesdays all of their Signature Hot Dogs are just $2. JJ’s has some very interesting creations and some pretty good beer deals on Tuesdays too. After getting our fill of hot dogs we headed on over to AMF Centennial Lanes on South Blvd for their $2 Tuesday deal.

For many, bowling might not be something you’ve done in years. Maybe a birthday party when you were a kid or a rainy weekend one day in the past? Well, $2 Tuesdays at AMF Centennial Lanes may very well change that. From 8pm until close you’ll enjoy $2 games, $2 shoe rentals and $2 Pabst Blue Ribbon pints. That means for just $8 you can enjoy two games of bowling and a beer! I’d recommend getting there right around 8pm since that is when leagues start to finish up and lanes become available. Believe it or not, this Tuesday thing ends up being quite popular.

Now, we understand that PBR may not be up to par for the beer drinkers of Charlotte and for that we continued our evening at Ed’s Tavern in Dilworth. In the spirt of Tuesday, Ed’s also features a great deal…half-priced pints. The beer selection at Ed’s is pretty extensive too and a great place to cap off what we now hope will be a great Tuesday night for anyone here in Charlotte.