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Initially developed as another one of Charlotte’s streetcar suburbs, Plaza Midwood is located just about a mile from Uptown. Plaza Midwood features a rich history involving many different real estate moguls and several subdivision developments resulting in one of Charlotte’s most diverse and eclectic neighborhoods. In January of 2014 rated Plaza Midwood (and NoDa…it was a tie) the hippest neighborhood in Charlotte.

At one point zoned to become an extension of Uptown’s apartment and office building makeup, the residents of Plaza Midwood came together as the Plaza-Midwood Neighborhood Association to work with the city board to maintain the residential nature of the neighborhood. Still today the residents of Plaza Midwood have great pride for their neighborhood and stand responsible for its revival in the mid-70’s.

Since the 1990’s a considerable reinvestment has been made in Plaza Midwood both residentially and commercially. Many older homes have been renovated and serve as attractive urban abodes. Additionally, commerce along Central Avenue continues to grow and features diverse shops and great dining options. These neighborhood features are what make Plaza Midwood desirable to those looking to live close to Uptown while at the same time in a community with remarkable character.

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