Start Something in Charlotte | 2015 is your year to become an entrepreneur in Charlotte

February 24th, 2015
Contributed by Juan Garzón
Messaging Strategist and Community Enthusiast

I’ve lived in Charlotte long enough to know that it’s been referred to as a “banking town” for quite some time. And when you walk around uptown at noon on any given weekday, it’s not hard to see why. A flood of charcoal suits and blue shirts pour out of the glass and concrete towers and onto Tryon street below. The entire uptown district can feel very corporate at times, and for some, it begs the question, “Is Charlotte a good place to be an entrepreneur?”

Well, we’re happy to report that yes, Charlotte is an extremely startup-friendly place, and 2015 is looking to be a great year for entrepreneurs. The city now has a thriving startup community that simply didn’t exist only a few short years ago. With the creation of Packard Place, an uptown hub for entrepreneurs, many different groups, events, and programs to support entrepreneurship have taken root in the city and energized a new generation of entrepreneurs.

One of the exciting things about entrepreneurship in Charlotte this year is the momentum that we’re currently experiencing. From the announcement of Google Fiber last month to the return of the Southeast Venture Conference in March, this “banking town” is seeing a high level of interest and involvement in the startup community from people throughout the region and beyond.

So what does all this mean for local startup companies and fledgling entrepreneurs? Where do you go if you have an idea and just want to network with fellow entrepreneurs? Well you’ll have a chance to do just that at Startup Weekend taking place this weekend, February 27th through March 1st.

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Awesome People of Charlotte | Who here in Charlotte is doing great things?

February 11th, 2015
Contributed by Dan Burdi
Resident Real Estate Agent and Community Enthusiast

Know someone doing something great here in Charlotte? Tell us more about them here.

The mission of is to highlight all of the great neighborhoods that make up Charlotte, the great people that are shaping Charlotte and all the great things happening here. With this in mind, we want to learn more about the people here doing awesome things.

Over the next couple weeks we will be creating a page at highlighting everything these people are doing to shape Charlotte, to draw more great people to Charlotte and to retain all the great people already here.

This past Monday we set out to identify some of these people. We heard about small business owners, non-profit directors, the best bar tenders, writers, musicians and many more. It all started with this post to Twitter…

We received an incredible response and identified some seriously #AwesomePeople doing great things.

Our “People of Charlotte” page will include a bio of each person here in Charlotte doing something awesome to help shape Charlotte and its culture. If this sounds like you and you’d like to be included or know of someone that you think should be included, let us know at the link below.

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A Sunday in Charlotte | At a pleasant 71° in February

February 9th, 2015
Contributed by Dan Burdi
Resident Real Estate Agent and Community Enthusiast

For anyone here in Charlotte yesterday, you’re aware of how beautiful the weather was! Every time I run into someone outside of Charlotte or North Carolina in general, they inevitably ask “What’s it like in Charlotte?”; the great weather here is often something that comes up and this past Sunday was the epitome of it.

As beautiful and warm as it was yesterday here in Charlotte, I did a little digging and actually found that the maximum temperature record for Charlotte, NC in February was set in 2009 at 74°. The highest I had seen on the thermometer yesterday was 71° so I guess we have something to aspire to the rest of February.


One of the items on my “Have An Awesome Day Outside in Charlotte” task list, was to snag a great skyline picture. I’ve been eyeing up this one particular spot for a while and have always meant to find a way to stop on the bridge going over I-277 on Central Avenue towards Plaza Midwood. It isn’t the safest place to stop a car so a nearby parking ended up doing the trick. I was happy with the outcome and I’m sure someone with more photography skill than I could take it to the next level but I was happy none-the-less.


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Charlotte Fiber is coming

Incase you missed it | Charlotte Lands Google Fiber

February 3rd, 2015
Contributed by Dan Burdi
Resident Real Estate Agent and Community Enthusiast

The hot story last week here in Charlotte was the announcement of Google choosing Charlotte, NC as one of its next cities to receive its coveted Google Fiber gigabit broadband internet service.

So, what’s the big deal?

From Google’s FAQ page, “the benchmark for broadband speeds is 4 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. Compare this to Google Fiber, which gives you up to a gigabit (1000 Mbps) for both downloading and uploading. That is over 100 times faster than basic broadband speeds”. However, the story goes beyond just the speed of internet service.

Alan self pic 500x500Recently we had the chance to reach out to Alan Fitzpatrick, the COO of DC74 Data Centers and one of the founding members of the grass roots organization, Charlotte Hearts Gigabit. Alan was able to give us a bit of an inside track on everything that has happened over the last several months as well as the months to come regarding Google Gigabit and other gigabit options coming to Charlotte.

Read on for the details from our Q/A session with Alan.

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Start enjoying your Tuesdays | $2 Tuesdays at AMF Bowling, JJ's Red Hots and great beer at Ed's Tavern

January 26th, 2015
Contributed by Dan Burdi
Resident Real Estate Agent and Community Enthusiast

Another Tuesday is upon us and with Tuesdays as close as they are to those miserable Mondays it is often hard to enjoy them as much as a Friday, we get it! However, maybe if you had something fun to look forward to on Tuesdays you’d have a different perspective? We set out to do just that and found a few things that may redefine Tuesdays for you from now on here in Charlotte.

We started the night at JJ’s Red Hots on East Blvd. in Dilworth where on Tuesdays all of their Signature Hot Dogs are just $2. JJ’s has some very interesting creations and some pretty good beer deals on Tuesdays too. After getting our fill of hot dogs we headed on over to AMF Centennial Lanes on South Blvd for their $2 Tuesday deal.

For many, bowling might not be something you’ve done in years. Maybe a birthday party when you were a kid or a rainy weekend one day in the past? Well, $2 Tuesdays at AMF Centennial Lanes may very well change that. From 8pm until close you’ll enjoy $2 games, $2 shoe rentals and $2 Pabst Blue Ribbon pints. That means for just $8 you can enjoy two games of bowling and a beer! I’d recommend getting there right around 8pm since that is when leagues start to finish up and lanes become available. Believe it or not, this Tuesday thing ends up being quite popular.

Now, we understand that PBR may not be up to par for the beer drinkers of Charlotte and for that we continued our evening at Ed’s Tavern in Dilworth. In the spirt of Tuesday, Ed’s also features a great deal…half-priced pints. The beer selection at Ed’s is pretty extensive too and a great place to cap off what we now hope will be a great Tuesday night for anyone here in Charlotte.

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