NoDa, Charlotte, NC | The Arts District

Referred to as The Arts and Entertainment District, the NoDa neighborhood is a hub for many of Charlotte’s artists and musicians. Located just two miles north of Uptown, NoDa, originally with Charlotte’s mills at its core, has gone through the typical ebbs and flows of anyneighborhood. It wasn’t until the late 80’s and early 90’s that NoDa began to take shape as the neighborhood we know today.

With Charlotte’s mills making up much of the architecture in NoDa, initiatives in the late 1980’s to revitalize and repurpose these buildings led to the eclectic scene we see in NoDa today. Paul Sires and Rush Ava Lyons, founders of the Center of Earth Gallery, helped pioneer The Arts District. Much of the early revitalization efforts of NoDa is courtesy of both Sires’ and Lyons’ vision for the neighborhood. With Sires’ and Lyons’ efforts acting as the turning point for NoDa, the NoDa Neighborhood Association was formed in an effort to preserve the artistic character of NoDa during the gentrification efforts we continue to see.

Many of the homes in NoDa are the classic bungalow-style seen elsewhere in Charlotte. These homes were originally constructed for the city’s early mill workers. Today many of these bungalows have been revitalized into gems sought after by many looking to move to the Historic Arts and Entertainment District. Over the last two decades NoDa has become home to some of Charlotte’s greatest music venues, restaurants, bars and breweries and thus Charlottean’s looking for access to such amenities.

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