NoDa Brewing Run Club | Exercise and Craft Beer Go Hand In Hand at Charlotte Breweries

December 17th, 2014
Contributed by Justin Burdi
Charlotte Resident and Community Enthusiast

I think I’m like a lot of us; I want to be healthy and exercise regularly but sometimes it is hard to find the motivation and even harder to stick with it from day to day or week to week. A missed day leads to a missed week, and so on; some of you definitely know what I’m talking about. It is still to early to tell, but I’m hoping I may have finally broken that cycle for myself; I’ve just started frequenting Charlotte’s run clubs. My initial motivation; playing lacrosse again for the first time in 10 years. My current motivation is still getting in shape for lacrosse, but it has become more than that. 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, maybe even that 26.2 miler that is on so many bucket lists…these are some of goals I’ve been thinking about lately – NoDa Brewing’s Run Club can do that to you.

My first experience with a run club was about a month ago with NoDa Brewing’s weekly Wednesday night gathering (One of Charlotte’s most popular clubs). The choice for me to start there was obvious – NoDa Brewing has great craft beer and their Hop Drop ’n Roll was a 2014 World Beer Cup Gold Award Winner for American-Style IPAs (and probably my favorite IPA, period). The beer was a huge draw for me, but I’ll get back to that later, on with the running for now.

charlotte-nc-noda-brewing-run-club-1Here’s how the running aspect of the night goes down – Runners meet in the taproom sometime after 6PM for some quick announcements. We all then head outside in front of the taproom, maybe around 100 of us. As a side note, most wear bright clothes, reflectors, or blinking lights – This is a good idea since it was dark out and there are spots along the course with moderate car traffic. The sheer number of people is extremely motivational. Now is a good time to warm up, do some stretching, pop in your earbuds…and for me, decide if I was going to take the 1 mile, 3 mile, or 5 mile course (at this point, I was set on doing the 3 mile course). Each course takes you on a unique tour of NoDa with a good mix of inclines and declines, but nothing too crazy. 6:30PM came along, a couple of more announcements letting us know where each course breaks off, and then boom, we are all on our way. After the first few blocks there is someone there to let us know that the 1 mile runners should split off to the left, and the rest of use should go right. At the two mile mark there is another crossroads – I need to decide between 1 more mile, or 3 more. 3 miles was all I was planning to do that day…but for some reason I stuck with the 5-milers, maybe foolishly. I won’t lie and say the rest of the course was easy for me, but completing it felt amazing. By 7:30PM I was back in the taproom, and ready for the 2nd phase of the night.

charlotte-nc-noda-brewing-run-club-2After each of their runs, everyone starts trickling back into the taproom. There are sponsor booths and several raffles for coupons, promo items, and a grand prize for an entrance fee to an upcoming race. There is also a food truck outside, usually a really good one (we all know Charlotte food trucks are awesome). There is also lots of cold beer to be purchased by the pint with many options. I took advantage of the glorious beer until my legs stopped shaking and my heart rate slowed to normal…and until the taproom closed at 9PM. NoDa Brewing Run Club is every Wednesday at 6:30PM – Give it a try, it could just be the thing that finally gets you exercising consistently…oh and don’t forget about getting to reward yourself with beer afterwards.

Also, continue reading to check out some of the other run clubs (also yoga and cycling) happening every week at some of Charlotte’s best breweries.

WHEN – Every Wednesday at 6:30PM, rain or shine

NoDa Brewing Company
2229 North Davidson Street
Charlotte, NC 28205

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Other Brewery Run (and Cyclist, and Yoga) Clubs in Charlotte

Heist Brewery Run Club – Every Monday at 6PMNoDa | Heist’s run club is new as December 2014 and brings another great run club to NoDa. Heist has some excellent beer and food to enjoy after partaking in either a 1, 3, or 5 mile run around the streets of NoDa. So far they’ve also had live music and raffles once you arrive back at the brewery. –

Triple C Brewing Run Club – Every Thursday at 6:30PMSouth End | If you get tired of running around NoDa, Triple C has their weekly run club every Thursday. If yoga is what you are feeling, they also have that going on at the same time in the taproom. –

Yoga at Lenny Boy Brewing – Every Saturday at 10AMSouth End | Ok not a run club, but yoga is cool too! – Lenny Boy’s weekly 1-hour vinyasa yoga classes in their newly expanded taproom. Your first class and your first glass are FREE, after that, classes are $5. –

Bike and Brew at Unknown Brewing in South End – Every Saturday at 2:30PMSouth End | This isn’t a run club, but it is definitely still worth noting for the cyclists among us: Unknown’s weekly cycling mini-event. The ride allows cyclists of all levels to ride a 10, 25 or 35 mile loop in and around Charlotte. The ride is free and benefits the Charlotte Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. –