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Dilworth, as with many neighborhoods of Charlotte, has a rich history and modest beginning. As one of Charlotte’s first suburbs, Dilworth was developed as a streetcar suburb in the 1890’s by Edward Dilworth Latta and his associates. Similarly to the South End neighborhood, Dilworth can attribute much of its early development to the industrialization of Charlotte in the late 19th century; and with factories and mills came workers needing a place to live. This was the vision and driving force behind Latta’s development of the Dilworth neighborhood which today has grown to feature many of the city’s higher end, upscale homes.

Designed as one of Charlotte’s first suburbs and residential communities, the Dilworth neighborhood features a grid of streets and sidewalks as well as a canopy of old growth trees resulting in a very residentially focused neighborhood. However, East Blvd. running through Dilworth and featuring local shopping and dining brings just the right balance to the otherwise residential community. Many of the boutique shops, restaurants and offices along East Blvd. are renovated and repurposed older homes in an effort to maintain the historic architecture of earlier days. Other shopping, dining and entertainment options exist in the nearby South End neighborhood as well.

As was its purpose, Dilworth’s residential community fits the mold of your most traditionally defined suburb featuring a close proximity to Uptown, Charlotte. Dilworth is just a short drive to Center City and for many living in and visiting Dilworth, the LYNX Blue Line Light Rail system offers a realistic alternative for getting into Uptown.

With its close proximity to Uptown, balance of residential, retail, dining and entertainment features as well as the destination for many of Charlotte’s higher-end homes, Dilworth is a neighborhood coveted by many.

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