AIR in Myers Park | Charlotte's aerial fitness studio featuring new and fun workouts for everyone

March 27th, 2015
Contributed by Dan Burdi
Resident Real Estate Agent and Community Enthusiast

Now that spring is here, many are beginning to think about the attempt they’ll be making to achieve their beach body for the summer. However, mustering up the motivation we’ll all need can often be difficult; but don’t fret, we have just the thing!

A couple weeks ago I met with Kerri Flanigan, the owner of Air® Charlotte at 1043-C Providence Rd in Myers Park. Air® is not your typical gym and is unlike any workout studio you’ve likely ever been. If you’ve ever been somewhere where acrobats were flying all throughout the air, climbing up and down large pieces of fabric hanging from the ceiling, that’s the best I could describe it…but on a much smaller scale. The idea is that all of those crazy looking moves are one hell of a workout!

The moves that Kerri demonstrated made it very clear how intense of a workout someone could get from one of these classes while hanging from the rafters of her studio. Many of the excercises were designed to involve your whole body vs. just small concentrated areas making for a more intense and comprehensive workout. Beyond that, the whole thing just looks like a great deal of fun!


Kerri has been involved with the studio since it opened at its Myers Park location in August 2014 but officially took ownership this past February. Since opening, Air® has been developing classes for women, children and men too! The classes for children caught my attention given how much fun the whole thing looks. With summer break right around the bend, this could be the perfect weekly activity.

The classes for kids fall in the same realm of other physical classes like karate, dance classes etc. but would be something new and interesting to kick off the summer.

Let’s just say that if you’ve ever yelled at your kids for hanging on something they shouldn’t in your house, Air® Charlotte would most certainly be the perfect place to drop them for a class or two!


Some upcoming events for kids include…

May 9th – Mom + Me classes for kid 4yrs – 10yrs
June 15 – 19 & July 27 – 31- Kids Camps 1/2 day afternoon

Also, starting in September 2015, a kids program running two days a week after school will begin. Keep an eye on @AirFitCharlotte on Twitter for details.

But don’t forget all the fun for adults too! There are a number of classes that you could check out. Take a look at the class schedule page on their website.

Single classes start at just $30 per class and monthly memberships at $100 for new members. As a special offer, you can use the coupon code AIRCHARLOTTE for a FREE class.

Images courtesy of Air® Charlotte